01.30.2020 // By: Garrett Ricke

Who did you play in your first match, and how do you think it went? Jack: In our first match of the season we played against Oklahoma State. I think it went pretty well other then the SnD on Arklov Peak. We definitely need to work on our search as our team loves to fly and play fast, and that map exposes a big weakness for our team right now. However, we have and will continue to work on our SnD. The respawns were good as we won them all to win the series. We took our foot off the gas a bit in the hardpoints, we probably could have 100 point-clubbed them in both. We scrim respawn twice a week and SnD twice a week. I like to give me team Friday through Sunday off to focus on getting ahead with school work, along with room for having a social life outside of CoD. It’s a long season and quite the grind, so I like the give everyone that down time. As a team we work really well together. Playing together competitively definitely makes the game more enjoyable to play, despite the endless list of problems with the game itself.(edited) How did your team come together? Our team come together by reaching out through our UO Esports Discord, as well as social media. There are 3 of us from last years team (2 players, 1 coach) and 3 new players who have been huge improvements for us. We held 2 rounds of tryouts and came up with those 3 players, along with 1 new sub. How long have you been playing COD, both casually and competitively? I have been playing CoD since MW3. I started playing GB’s in WWII, but super casually with some friends on a 60 inch TV. I wanted to get more serious about gaming so I purchased a monitor as I knew that’d help me improve right away. I didn’t play much of WWII other than the casual GB’s, so I spent the year playing Overwatch. I then transferred to UO from community college and found out about the then Esports/Gaming Club. I started the CoD team during the BO4 season as I wanted to get more serious about CoD, as well as create opportunities for myself to work in the esports industry. How do you feel your season will go this year? I think we have a good chance to be a contender in the West. We definitely will need to remain consistent and composed throughout the year in order to get there. We will continue to practice and watch VOD’s consistently of the teams we play in the following week to have a game plan and find out each teams strengths and weaknesses. What would you say is your team’s biggest asset? Is it a player, a good team environment? I think our biggest asset is our new Esports Lounge on campus. We will get to see each other more often, play next to each other on top tier equipment, and watch vod’s in the same room together. How do you feel the CCL community has impacted you? The CCL community has had a profound impact on me. Everyone works so hard to achieve their goals, which pushes me to be better both in and out of game. Unfortunately, there are a lot of players with egos, some deserved, some not, so it's a good reminder for me to always be respectful to everyone I talk to and meet within the league as I know some will be working in the esports industry soon enough or current already do, and top of wanted to be respected by them as well. Lastly, is there a message you want to send out to other teams before they play you? Don’t be late. We hate people who are late.