10.13.2021 // By: Marco -

Well, if you are looking for some form of formal PR in this article, don’t. Unfortunately, this isn’t it. Instead of reading this as a formal public relation article, read this as a raw, unfiltered, open message to the community. We built College CoD on the pillars of innovation and evolution, and this is who College CoD will continue to be with our community at the front of our minds.


The headline speaks for itself - College CoD has been acquired and is now under the eFuse umbrella. This comes with plenty of questions, new resources, and long term opportunities in addition to some immediate changes.

First, understanding what this means for the CCL staff structure. For the past three years, the CCL has been a volunteer-driven organization. Now, Jbyrd, sonofpaint, and Marco have all been brought onto the eFuse team to focus on the CCL as a dedicated team. Each and every day. For College CoD’s fellow “Blue Tags” of Management, it’s likely you’ll see them involved one way or another helping with that unique “Buckler” role on production, casting, or focusing on other roles across different opportunities. In fact, this also holds true for a variety of “Yellow Tags” of previous staff. One of the biggest goals of College CoD has been to move from a volunteer based platform to one that can provide monetary value to the time people spend working those long events, modding channels, broadcasts, and more. This acquisition gives us an opportunity to do just that - provide payment to people as contract opportunities arise. That itself is a huge win for all of College CoD. And an amazing feat we’re blessed to achieve.

Additionally, the eFuse acquisition is going to enable the CCL to activate on all sorts of once “talks, ideas, and opportunities.” Let’s face it. We’ve been wanting more events, more content, more stories, more alumni opportunities, and more of everything. This gets us there. Rightfully highlighting All-Stars, turning community initiatives into unique events and even potentially dipping our toes in other tournament types. More opportunities for each unique part of the community. For the entirety of the CCL space. And who knows? With all this happening, we may even see a CCL LAN in the future.

Next, there has to be a ton of swirling questions. The website? League dates? Registration? eFuse... who are they? Well first, as is any College CoD season, we’re figuring out the logistics right now. As is usually the case, we have a rough idea of how the league might look - but it’s going to take time. Future information about the next CoD may be released and suddenly affect plans. No different than tackling the challenges of eight to thirty-two to seventy-two to one hundred and eighty teams in phases, or changing how we’ve handled console to PC CoD, all these upcoming changes are things we want to do right. And doing things right will take time.

College CoD’s growth should be viewed in phases. Seasons 0 and 1: The foundation for the CCL. Seasons 2 and 3: Expansion and beginnings of what “Varsity” may mean. This is the next chapter. One that wrestles with school’s putting investment into CoD paralleled with bigger and better events. More content, stories, articles, simply more. How wild the end 30 for 30 will be...

Finally, a little bit about eFuse and what we do know about next season. Internally, we are preparing for over 250+ teams. College CoD registration has traditionally occurred between the November/December months and the closing dates occurring in late December/early January. Additionally, the league tends to begin sometime in the January to early February area. Expect these timelines to be closely mimicked to how we’ve functioned in the past and for more details about registration information, league format, signups, etc. to be rolled out through multiple articles as we're able to release it all. Competing for a guaranteed $25,000 prize pool should be interesting this year.

If the question still lingers in your mind “Why eFuse” or “who are eFuse,” although the team could try and take a PR route, just know they parallel the same values the College CoD team does - always listening and innovating. Not casting strings over what’s been built and controlling it all like a puppet, but empowering the individuals brought on to grow the general collegiate Call of Duty space.

eFuse has two core values: “for the gamers” and “where gamers are discovered.” College CoD has never had a formal motto, but if we had to pick, these would be it. Collegiate esports is the premier chance for players and students to learn, grow, and get their name out into the scene. eFuse is built on giving their community the resources, environment, and events needed to make that happen. They’re all about discoverability (as the team has learned) and wanting to make an impact through gaming to families, students, players, content creators, and more. It’s a perfect fit as we continue to grow College CoD. In just the few years we’ve been here, community members have taken their experience and exploded across the college and professional scenes: Pistachio, Vizual, Physix, Limitless, Megatron, Huntley, and many more, and we’re not stopping until the entire CoD scene is owned and operated by our alumni!

That said - thank you to everyone who has been involved at any level with College CoD. Once again, getting to this point has been a stars-aligned fantasy story. Filled with the right people at the right time, year after year coming together and envisioning something greater. Something they want to be part of. A vision constantly influenced by the wants of the community. Every player, student, and member of staff alike. The next chapter in the history of the CCL unfolds now and of course that means keeping your eyes peeled for information about the league format, dates, registration, and other important information over the next few weeks.

To close out this written piece, simply going to take a saying from one of the greatest involved in the CCL and CDL, good sir John “Jpro” Prosper.

CoD is life.