10.28.2022 // By: College CoD

Intro - Updated 1/10/23

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 is right around the corner, and we at CCL are very excited to be releasing information about the upcoming Spring 2023 Season! In 2022, we brought the full force of eFuse behind CCL with many landmark improvements for us including: Main & Academy leagues, LAN, and more prizing than ever before across the entire year. In 2023, we’re looking forward to iterating on and improving the CCL in areas like registration, format, rulebook updates, and more.

Instead of releasing multiple articles over the next few months, all pre-season update articles will be combined into this ONE article, and then this article will be updated as we have more information to release. Dates and times for each part of the format are still waiting on final approval from Activision, so we hope to release them as soon as possible! Make sure to keep an eye on the CCL Discord and social media as we announce when updates to this article have been released.




Format Video - New*

After taking some time reviewing feedback from the community and the 2023 CDL Season Schedule, we've revised parts of the CCL Spring 2023 Season format and schedule to address community concerns and fit around the CDL Schedule.