01.11.2022 // By: College CoD


So it begins! The season is nearly upon us, and teams and players are ready to go head to head in the largest CCL season yet. Who knows if Marco’s sleep schedule will ever recover. This is the last major pre-season update before Syllabus Day and the season begins, and there’s a lot to cover.


Syllabus Day

With the number of teams this year, it’s taken more time than expected to build out the divisions and prepare for broadcast. We’ve moved Syllabus Day broadcast to TONIGHT! Make sure to tune in to https://www.twitch.tv/collegecod at 9pm EST to get the rundown on season divisions!


Varsity Application

As the CCL continues to grow, we’ve begun to look at the definition of a varsity program, and what we can do to support those programs. While the CCL is not quite ready to split varsity and clubs into two separate competitions, we do want to begin to establish a baseline for defining what is a varsity program and give those programs exclusive benefits. Varsity programs must go through the below application and be approved before they can receive these benefits. This application will remain open permanently, and CCL staff will approve new Varsity programs as quickly as possible.


We believe there are three major areas that define a Varsity program currently. In future years, we plan to add more expectations and requirements for Varsity programs with input from directors.

For now, we’ll be launching with two major non-competitive benefits for these programs, and we’ll continue to expand these benefits in the years to come:

*Note: CCL reserves the right to request proof from Varsity programs that the broadcast benefit is not being misused. If conclusive evidence is found that a team is abusing this benefit, that university will lose their Varsity status and benefits for a minimum of 1 year and be subject to other Team Penalties.


Rulebook & Reschedule Policy

Due to the Vanguard update coming out today, we will be releasing the Rulebook in the next couple of days based on updates made to the game. The Reschedule Policy is a frequently asked question, so we’ve included it below for those who wanted it:

All matches are expected to be played at the default match times listed in Preseason Update #2. If a team can not make the default time, they may reach out to the opposing team’s Point-of-Contact and request a reschedule. The match may be rescheduled anytime during the assigned week, but must be completed before the following Sunday by 11:59pm EST. Both teams must give written agreement to the new match time. Upon giving written agreement, the new match time will be treated as if it was the default match time, and Timeliness rules will be applied to the new match time. If written agreement is not given to the new proposed match time, the default match time will remain in effect, and all teams are expected to abide by it.


Match Score & Stats Submission

We know how important stats are to the CCL community, and we’re excited to continue offering season stats! This year, video evidence of stats will be submitted via the eFuse platform alongside entering in the map scores. Both teams will be expected to submit the map scores on eFuse. The eFuse platform will automatically compare submitted scores to confirm they match each other, and notify CCL admins if there is a discrepancy.

We will be requiring all teams to upload a VIDEO of the endgame scoreboard of each map when you submit scores. We’ll be releasing an article later this week with a tutorial on how to submit scores and stats.


Top 25 Update

Our Top 25 committee continues to grow! We’re excited to add the following community members to our list of individuals:

Below is the current list of entities who have accepted the invite to Top 25.

If you would like to be added to this list, please reach out to Marco - zSmgl#0001 by the end of this week!


Prize Pools

It should be no surprise that CCL’s Main Prize Pool will again be $25,000 this year split between the Top 8 Main teams! We’ve slightly modified the prize pool split to more evenly balance out payouts due to the format change, which can be seen below. We’re excited to also announce that the Academy Prize Pool will be $5,000 split between the Top 4 Academy teams.

Main Prize Split:

Academy Prize Split: