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A confirmed 130+ teams have already signed up for the fourth season of College CoD. Registration ends January 6th at 11:59pm ET so be sure to go sign up!

Speaking of sign ups, let’s jump straight into some clarification, information, and more about how CCL will look next year.


Tips, Tricks, and Important Info about the eFuse Platform

Currently, team managers can not remove players from the roster, and it will have to be done manually by an admin. Please reach out to sonofpaint#0117 via the CCL Discord for help with this!


Registration - Roster Update Grace Period

Concerns over registering a roster have been vocalized by numerous university directors, leaders, and players. After listening to community feedback, the registration timeline has been updated as follows:


Format, Times, Schedules, and Two Leagues?

There’s a lot going on this year in terms of format, leagues, and schedules. Simply due to the mass amount of information, not only will this article cover format but we hope to publish two videos, one for Main League and one for Academy League, to help cover how the CCL 2022 format will function. Keep an eye out on socials as we will be sure to promote these when completed.

Main League Format

Let’s start with the Main League format. The Main League regular season will look fairly similar to CCL 2021. Teams will be divided into 4 regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and West. Within each region, teams will be divided into four total pools by rough regional arrangement.

Stage 1: Schools will play their entire pool in a single round robin with two matches per week.

The Restructure: At the end of Stage 1, each pool will be restructured within each region to be reflective of skill. This means top teams will be pooled against other top teams and vice versa across four total new pools: Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, and Pool D. Teams will carry over their record against teams previously played in Stage 1, similar to last year, however, this is subject to change depending on the final amount of teams.

*If you competed in CCL 2021, you should recognize this is similar to the way “Top Cut” and “Bottom Cut” worked. However, there are now four different pools to potentially be placed within, not two.

Stage 2: Schools play through a modified, shortened round robin within their new pool with the exception of schools previously played from Stage 1.

Last Chance Qualifiers and Playoffs

The top 8 teams from Pool A in each region will automatically qualify into the regional playoffs. The rest of Pool A, all of pools B and C, and the top 4 from Pool D will be placed in a last chance qualifier. The top 8 teams from the Northeast and Southeast LCQ will advance to the East Regional Playoffs and the top 8 teams from the West and Midwest LCQ will advance to the West Regional Playoffs.

Playoffs will consist of two seperate weekends two 32-team double elimination brackets with 16 teams from each of the four regions. The 16 qualified teams from the West and 16 qualified teams from the Midwest will compete on one side of the bracket. On the opposite side of the playoff bracket, 16 teams from the Northeast and 16 teams from the Southeast will compete. At the end of it all, we will have crowned a CCL 2022 champion.

The CCL Regional Playoffs will occur on separate weekends for the East(16 Southeast + 16 Northeast) and West(16 West + 16 Midwest) with the number of teams advancing to the CCL Finals TBA.

More information surrounding dates, LCQ format, etc. is due in upcoming preseason updates.


Academy League Format

The Academy League will vaguely follow the Main League, however there are some slight differences. First, teams will be divided into just two regions: East and West. Within each region, four pools will exist.

Stage 1: Schools will play their entire pool in a single round robin with two games a week.

Restructure: The top 4 schools from each pool will advance and be inserted into a new pool against other top schools from their region. Win/loss records will NOT carry over from Stage 1.

Stage 2: Schools play through a regional swiss format throughout the entirety of Stage 2, including the potential to rematch teams faced in Stage 1. Stage 2 is only 1 game per week.

Academy Playoffs

The top 8 teams from each region in Stage 2 will advance to a 16-team double elimination playoff bracket. Unlike Main League playoffs, both sides of this bracket will instantly include cross regional play. Academy Playoffs will occur over the course of two day’s until an Academy Champion is crowned.

*Important Notice

The finer details about the formats announced might shift depending on the total number of teams signed up across either league. As always, any changes would swiftly be released to the community as fast as possible.


Time and Schedules

Like last year, Mondays and Tuesdays are home for all matches and broadcasts for College CoD. Default times for Main and Academy league matches can be found below.

Match Times


Stream Schedule


As a final piece of information, a visualization of the schedule next year can be found below:


Stage 1 matchups will be released on Jan 10th on Syllabus Day!


A brief iteration of “Main” and “Academy” rosters and how they work with one another:

If a school has ONE team, that team MUST play in the Main League and can have 4-7 players on the roster. (This single roster functions the same as last year’s sub rules)

If a school has TWO teams, one team MUST play in the Main League and must have 4 players. The second team MUST play in the Academy League and can have 4-10 players.

Academy players can be used as substitutes for Main at any time, but if an Academy player does sub in for a Main player, that Academy player can not also play in the corresponding Academy match. Academy teams must also use a sub for that corresponding match or forfeit the match if they do not have enough players for that match. Throughout the season, there will be roster swap periods where a team can choose to swap up to two players permanently from Main to Academy. The roster swap periods will be the halfway point of stage 1 (between week 3 and 4), the stage break (between week 6 and 7) and the halfway point of stage 2 (between week 9 and 10).

In order to be eligible to play in Academy Playoffs, the players on the Academy roster must have played at least 6 academy games in Stage 1 and/or Stage 2.