01.11.2022 // By: College CoD

LAN. We want it. The community wants it. eFuse wants it.

College CoD 2022 Finals on LAN.

What's this mean? Dates? Confirmed? What's going on?! Spectators?! Covid?! Slow down the speed reading and take a breath. Let's talk about what we know, what we don't know, and what we want to happen. If you have not already, we recommend checking out this year's format video to catch up with how this year will work.

While we are super excited for this opportunity, we're also cautiously optimistic about it. Both the College CoD team and eFuse team want to bring Finals on LAN alive. However, there's other factors currently causing speedbumps to this process.

The health and safety of our players, staff, potential spectators, and university staff are paramount in the decision making process. The state of Covid is in flux. The team will constantly be monitoring the virus in order to produce a safe event. This includes Canadian international travel guidelines.

Additionally, we hope to work hand in hand with the Call of Duty team to make this event possible. Under eFuse, the College CoD brand operates as a third party tournament organizer in the space. Delivering a LAN requires communication between all teams to properly broadcast, appropriately schedule, safely host, and create a positive, memorable experience for the community.

All this said, the CCL wants nothing more than to be able to witness the first LAN Finals. It's been close to four years. Since Season 0, the community has dreamt of it. ALL of us hope - this is that year.