02.01.2021 // By: College CoD

CCL 2021 has finally arrived. This will be the last preseason update. Here’s a rundown of final tidbits for the season.



The website’s league tab is now live! Feel free to explore the rosters of different teams, what division and region you find yourself to be in, this week’s league matches, and more!



Another handbook update has gone live! This update includes an indepth look at the season format, streaming rules, coaching rules, substitution rules, and disconnect rules. You can now find the handbook at https://collegecod.com/resources/handbook.


Stats Submission

As a reminder to all teams, here’s an article explaining How to Collect Stats. Please review section 5.8 in the handbook. Additionally, team captains will be able to submit stats when submitting their match report through the website.


Top 25

Top 25 Power Rankings will be released every Monday starting next week. Since there has not been official play from all 180 teams other than the single kickoff tournament, which was an optional tournament, we’ve decided to refrain from posting rankings for this first week of the season.

That said, best of luck to every team competing this year!