01.13.2021 // By: College CoD

It’s official - the CCL 2021 season will be the largest season to date. A total of 180 teams have signed up and season play starts the week of February 1st. Before this first week of play, teams will know what division they have been placed into and the season format will be announced. Like last year, divisions will slowly be rolled out across Twitter. Additionally teams will know their full schedule in advance and the rulebook will be complete. We’ll be providing videos and even a full stream reviewing each and every little thing with the league.

While this information sinks in, we can’t emphasize enough to keep an eye on all socials and the website. Updates and information will continue to be released as it’s finalized over the coming days. Please read through all articles, especially as rule changes and updates continue to be written into the player handbook and effect next season. And don’t be afraid to ask us questions. You can find the player handbook linked in these articles and permanently under the Info section of the website, under the resources tab.


Team Captains - Website

Just a friendly reminder that whomever is set to the team captain will be assumed to be the League’s first point of contact for your respective team.


Stream Times / Default Times

Section 6.0 [Updated]

Probably one of the biggest and more sudden changes to College CoD this year, especially when compared to previous years.

Default times for teams will be either Monday or Tuesday, based on a majority of the teams in the divisions, timezone. Teams will be playing two games during the week, one after the other, within one of these time slots above. Additionally, streaming days will be moved to Mondays and Tuesdays this year, streaming six games a week at the times of 8:00 PM EST, 9:30 PM EST and 11:00 PM EST. This change based on past years of Tuesdays/Thursdays being too similar for some teams to get on stream, the amount of teams this year, and to give staff a longer turnaround for content, scheduling, and making sure stats/league ops have adequate time.

Additionally, divisions will be released in the following seven days. Like previous years, we’ll be having a stream from twitch.tv/CollegeCoD to go over the season format live, discuss divisions, and answer questions.


“Syllabus Day” - College CoD Cold War Kickoff Tournament - January 30th

College CoD’s Cold War Kickoff Tournament will occur January 30th starting at 12:00 EST throughout the day. Sign ups will be announced in the coming days. The tournament is completely optional to all teams.

No. We’re not talking about learning classes for the first time. This year, we’re officially titling the customary day of our preseason kickoff tournament to Syllabus Day. So, when’s Syllabus Day? January 30th, all day long, will be College CoD’s customary preseason kickoff tournament. Teams will be able to optionally sign up and compete with one another before the actual season starts. The tournament is likely to be streamed and signups will release soon. More information about Syllabus Day will be released over the following days.

Please know there will not be a throwback tournament for Modern Warfare due to the change of play from 5v5 to 4v4 this year.


Top 25 Polls

Top 25 rankings will return next year. College CoD will release the “Official Top 25 Rankings” Mondays at 12:00PM EST across Twitter and Discord.

In past seasons, the CCL has always released a weekly Top 25 Poll. This process has historically involved team captains, chosen members of staff, and outside media outlets. This year, team captains will no longer be directly involved in polling. This year’s top 25 process will instead be influenced by invited individuals and media entities across the collegiate Call of Duty space. Below is a list of current entities who have accepted this invite.

If you’ve made it this far, awesome. Figured we’d let you know the total prize pool this year is $25,000 too :)