Written by:

Jaden Shaw

Welcome all new and returning players to College CoD! After more than a year of outstanding support from the community, we are happy to announce the prize pool for #CCL2020! This prize pool will be awarded following the playoffs, and will be distributed directly to your schools in the form of scholarships.

The STARTING prize pool comes from entry fees. 80% of what we received from all 72 teams will be included. This means that the starting prize pool will be $4,320!

Here is the STARTING prize breakdown for teams that place in the top 12 during #CCL2020
1st: $2,000
2nd: $500
3rd: $400
4th: $300
5th: $210
6th: $210
7th: $150
8th: $150
9th: $100
10th: $100
11th: $100
12th: $100

Also we are happy to announce that we will be accepting donations on and off stream, and 100% of that money will go directly into the prize pool.

Each dollar donated will be distributed to the teams as follows:
1st: 46¢
2nd: 12¢
3rd: 9¢
4th: 7¢
5th: 5¢
6th: 5¢
7th: 3.5¢
8th: 3.5¢
9th: 2.25¢
10th: 2.25¢
11th: 2.25¢
12th: 2.25¢

All prizes are in USD