09.03.2020 // By: Marco -

Hey all. After today’s patch notes, valid concerns and counterpoints were brought to the attention of the League Operations team this year. In response, here’s some answers to those questions and an important “hotfix” (if you may) to one of the rules! Rules Hotfix | Max Roster Size 6 -> 7 ------------------ - 1.6 [HOTFIX] Teams are allowed up to three (3) substitute players on the roster. For a total roster of seven (7) players. This hotfix is official and will be written into the 2021 player handbook. This decision was hotfixed based on the following: - If you aren't able to field 2 teams, expanding to 7 players maximum does not punish anyone for being unable to field the minimum for a second team. - By allowing the maximum roster size to be 7, teams no longer feel forced to put a 7th player on a new team. Substitute Clarifications ------------------ Rule 1.10 states a team is not permitted to change registered players within the competitive season. To clarify, this also includes substitutes. Thus, you cannot move substitutes across teams. We appreciate the community's feedback as we continue to evolve the ruleset for 2021!