01.25.2021 // By: College CoD


After feedback on our shift to strict Mon/Tue play schedules, we are allowing a limited rescheduling process.

We are opening a 10 day long reschedule request period. During the next 10 days (Starting tonight, extending to Feb 7th 11:59PM ET), you may request any number of matches in your schedule to be rescheduled to a new match time shown in our chart below.

If you need to reschedule your match(s) you must first request a reschedule with your opponent and agree on a new match time from the options shown in our chart below. After confirming the reschedule with your opponent, you must submit a reschedule form to league operations (this form is found within your division’s captain chat). Within this form, you must provide a valid reason for your reschedule (including but not limited to: medical, class attendance conflicts- CCL Management reserves the right to investigate any claims).

If your team receives a reschedule request you must accept or deny with a valid reasoning. If you deny without a valid reason (see above) you will forfeit the requested match. If you deny with a valid reason (see above) the requesting team must play the default time or forfeit the match. If you deny a match, please DM a CCL League Ops Staff the match you are denying and your reason for denying.

After the 10 day reschedule period ends, no other matches may be rescheduled during the season, except in extreme circumstances at the discretion of CCL Management. We will revisit rescheduling once Split II matchups are announced.

Games that are played during the reschedule times will not be streamed on CollegeCod’s twitch channels.


An updated handbook will be released at TBD time tomorrow January 26th, 2021.

Thank you all for sticking with us and providing your feedback.